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Rethink your drilling routine with Valor Holemaking's new line of the world's most premium quality, high performance drills and holemaking solutions. Our products are meticulously tested and engineered and manufactured in the USA to deliver outstanding results in the materials you machine every day.

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Your Search for the Ultimate High Performance Drill is Finally Over 

Outstanding Hole Accuracy & Repeatability

Enjoy drills that have been meticulously tested to deliver impeccable hole circularity, straightness, and true position that matches the best in the industry. 

Amazing Tool Life & Performance 

Rely on industry-leading material-specific geometry and coating that minimize stress and breakage, resulting in reduced cutting forces, high quality holes, and long tool life. 

Impressive Cost-Per-Hole Results 

Our High Performance Drills are priced competitively, built to last, and engineered to drill more quickly, effectively, and reliably, providing you with unbeatable cost savings.