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Send an Order to Your Distributor Directly from Valorholemaking.com

Create a website account to place an order with your distributor directly from Valorholemaking.com. After creating your Valorholemaking.com account, you're able to add tools to your "shopping cart." From there, you can send your cart directly to your distributor in one click to place your order of high performance holemaking tools. It's that easy.

Watch the video tutorial or follow the step-by-step instructions below to get started!

The Simple Steps to Send Your First Cart

Step 1: Login

To access the shopping cart functionality you must first create and login to a Valorholemaking.com account.

Need to create an account? Click here

valor - Login.png

Step 2: Shopping Cart

Once logged in, a shopping cart icon will appear in the top right menu labeled "My Cart". Click on the icon to open view your shopping cart. 

You can add tools to your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart icons located on Product Table pages, Tool Detail pages and the Check Stock page. 

Valor - ShoppingCart.png

Step 3: Update Distributor

Once you are ready to place an order. Click the down arrow next to Send to Distributor on the right menu. 

If you already have selected a preferred distributor click "Send Cart". Skip to Step 7. 

If you have not already selected a preferred distributor click "Update my Distributor".

Step 4: Search Distributors

You can search for a distributor 3 different ways.

1. Click "Find my Location" to use your current location. 

2. Enter your postal code, select a country and search radias and click "Search".

3. Select your location from the Map. 

Results will appear below the search area. 

Valor - Search for Distributor.png

Step 5: Select Distributor

Select a Preferred Distributor from the results by clicking on the icon to the top right of the distributor's information card.   

You will be redirected back to your shopping cart. 


Step 6: Send to Distributor

Select "Send to Distributor" from the right Menu.

When the option expands, you should now see your preferred distributor listed. 

Click "Send Cart".


Step 7: Confirm Send 

A pop-up will appear. Review your cart contents and distributor selection. You will also have the option to include a message to the distributor. 

Click "Send my Cart".

Wait for the pop-up to confirm your cart has been sent before leaving the page.