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Reconditioning Program

Valor Holemaking Reconditioning Service

Maximize your shop’s bottom line and experience Valor Holemaking’s High Performance Drills, for longer. Valor Holemaking’s Reconditioning Service allows you to use your same High Performance Drills for Steels or High Performance Drills for Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys 2-3 more times while still experiencing the same outstanding benefits you received from your brand new tool (while significantly reducing tool costs). 

WE DON'T Just resharpen your tooling

WE DO Restore your tool to their original superior quality and tolerances  

Our reconditioning process restores the point angle, split, land, and gash, and includes recoating, if applicable. Drills that are uncoated when new will be reground and returned uncoated

How it Works

We will review the condition of your used Valor Holemaking High Performance Drill and return the cutting edge to its original sharpness and strength, by reconditioning the tool form - including point angle, split, land and gash. Additionally, the renewed tool follows the same inspection, edge prep, and coating process we follow for our new drills.

Our Capabilities

  • The minimum quantity of drills per reconditioning process is 25 pieces. 
  • The smallest high-performance drill diameter that qualifies for reconditioning is 6mm, both solid and coolant fed styles. 
  • You can expect your drills to be reconditioned in approximately 4-5 weeks from the time the purchase order and tools are received. 
  • Valor Holemaking recommends 2-3 regrinds per eligible tool, depending on the condition of the drill point after use. While we maintain the same tolerances on the drill diameter, please note that Valor Holemaking High Performance drills have a back taper and the drill diameter becomes smaller each time the tool is reground. 
  • Tooling will also be recoated with the same premium coatings that tools receive when new. Tools that are uncoated when new will only be reground and returned uncoated. 

How to Get Started


Fill out a service request form from our website, with information on the drills you would like to have reconditioned and the quantities. Send the completed form to our tech team at [email protected] and we will return a quote to you for the reconditioning service.


Place an order for the reconditioning service through your authorized distributor. Place the used tools in their original tubes and mail package to:


Valor Holemaking
2000 Progress Drive
Farmington, MO 63640


Tubes and boxes for shipping your drills for reconditioning can be provided to you free of charge! Please let us know at the time of order if you would like us to send those out.


Ship the package, now sit back, relax, and get ready to take your tool's life to the next level!

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