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Speeds & Feeds

Speeds & Feeds Library

Valor Holemaking offers Speeds & Feeds charts for each product, which provide you with suggested starting values that may be increased, given optimal setup conditions.


Machining Advisor Pro


Machining Advisor Pro (MAP) is a cutting-edge resource that generates custom running parameters for optimized machining with Valor Holemaking tooling by pairing your tool with your exact tool path, material, and machine setup.

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Swiftly spot face or counterbore irregular surfaces and complex parts with this offering of Flat Bottom Counterbores and experience outstanding performance when flat bottom reaming or straightening misaligned holes.


Perfect your CNC holemaking operations with Valor's countersinking solutions. Browse from a fully stocked offering of Combined Drill & Countersinks and High Performance Chamfer Cutters, each precision manufactured in the USA.


Rethink your CNC drilling routine with Valor Holemaking's premium quality, high performance drills, each specially crafted to deliver outstanding hole accuracy and repeatability, surface finish, tool life and performance, and cost-per-hole results.


Valor Holemaking's offering of Multi-Form Thread Mills are fully stocked in a vast selection of thread and flute styles, allowing for outstanding versatility when milling right hand and left hand threads of multiple pitches.